Private Medical Check Up

What is "Private Medical Check Up"?

"Ningen Dock" translated means "Private Medical Check Up". It is a program designed to maintain an individual’s health. Ningen Dock was originally established in Japan to provide comprehensive health examinations to detect and treat diseases, particularly early stages of disease. This program can also detect and help to prevent serious progressive diseases by controlling lifestyle risks to reduce the onset of lifestyle-related diseases. The series of tests, exams, and consultations administered during a Private Medical Check Up concerning one’s lifestyle habits and medical history can prolong a healthy life further. At the General Medical Checkup Center, we offer half-day and full-day Ningen Dock programs to meet your specific health needs. A Healthcare Center staff member will escort you to each procedure and assist you throughout the day. Ningen Dock fees are not covered by the National Health Insurance Program.

*Appointment is required.

How should I schedule my appointment?

You can schedule an appointment by calling or visiting the General Medical Checkup Center. You will receive detailed instructions sheet on what to except during your Ningen Dock exam, along with a specimen collection kit if necessary after you have made an appointment. Do not forget to bring the instruction sheet and collection kit with you when you come in for your Ningen Dock check-up.

Hours of Operation 9:00 - 17:00 (except Sundays and Public Holidays)

*If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please inform our General Medical Checkup Center no later than 7 days prior to your appointment. This is to ensure that an open slot can be assigned to another person in the case of a cancellation or postponement of an exam.

For appointments and further detail, please call

+81-466-35-1360 (direct number)

    *For appointment, please call between 14:00 – 17:00, Monday through Saturday.

    Preparation instructions

    • Drinking small quantities of water is permitted after 20:00 to prevent dehydration.

    • Do not drink alcohol or eat fatty foods the day prior to your exam. Smokers are suggested to limit their smoking.

    • Please let us know if you are pregnant, possibly pregnant or during menstrual period.

    • Please complete the Medical Questionnaire or any other pertinent forms.

    • Please arrive between 08:00 and 09:00.

    • Please be aware that parking at the hospital is extremely limited. We recommend you make use of our shuttle bus service or public transportation.

    • Due to the sedative medications administered during the procedure, you should not operate any automobiles or heavy machinery for at least 24 hours after your exam.

    Please bring with you the following items:

    1. Health Insurance Card

    2. Medical Questionnaire sheet and test samples which you are told to correct

    3. Hospital ID card

    4. Any other forms that you are told to bring

    5. Eye glasses or contact lens. If you wear contact lens, please bring your contact lens case and solution.

    Private Medical Check Up

    Ningen Dock Screening Package and Optional Examinations

    Standard Package (#1-4)
    1. Half-Day Ningen Dock (¥45,000 +tax)

    Physical Examination, Basic Blood Test, Audibility Test, Urine Examination, Chest X-Ray, Barium Gastrography, Abdominal Ultrasonography, Electrocardiogram Test, and other Diagnostic Tests.

    2. Brain Dock (¥45,000 +tax)

    Physical Examination, Basic Blood Test, Brain Screening with MRI, MRA and Carotid Ultrasound Test

    Benefits of Brain Screening Test

    xxxxx Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a low-invasive, x-ray free scanning technology that can produce clear and detailed images of nearly all of the organs in the body. MRIs can be used to detect brain activity and help diagnose strokes or blood vessel issues within the head at early onset. MRIs can also be uses to identify blood clots and instances or locations of cerebral hemorrhaging. Silent strokes and unrecognized brain abnormalities - including brain tumors, aneurysms, and possible causes of dementia are being revealed by MRI. We highly recommend head and neck MRIs for all of our programs to ensure the early detection and treatment of various diseases.

    3. Visceral Fat Dock (¥12,000 +tax)

    Physical Examination, Blood Test, Height, Weight, Standard Body Weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), Body Fat Percentage, Abdominal Circumference, Degree of Overweight and Obesity, Fat Scan by Multi-Slice CT Scan

    4. Lung Cancer Dock (¥18,000 +tax)

    Physical Examination, Blood Test (CYFRA, ProGRP), Sputum Cytology Test, 320 Multi-Slice CT Scan, Lung Function Test to check any abnormalities in your lungs and to look into the possibility of any type of lung cancer diagnosis

    Benefits of Lung Dock / Lung Screening Test

    Lung cancer is still expected to be the leading cause of death from cancer among both women and men. Routine chest x-ray screening are often unable to detect lung cancer until the advanced stage. At out hospital, the 320 Multi-Slice CT scanner provides a powerful diagnostic imaging tool that is faster, clearer and can lead to more accurate treatment. This fast scanning capability reduces breath holding problems and allows important diagnostic information concerning the lungs to be obtained.

    Optional Examinations
    Type of Examination Detail Price (+tax)
    Gynecological Screening Pelvic Examination, PAP smear ¥4,000
    Breast Screening Mammogram ¥3,000
    Breast Ultrasound Mammary Gland Ultrasound ¥5,000
    Uterus Ultrasound Transvaginal Sonography ¥5,000
    Brain Examination MRI, MRA ¥35,000
    Cardio Artery Examination Carotid Ultrasonography ¥5,000
    Cardiopulmonary Examination Multi-Slice MRI ¥15,000
    Thyroid Examination Thyroid Function Blood Test (TSH, T3, T4) ¥4,000
    Ultrasound ¥5,000
    Tumor Marker Lund Cancer : Blood Test (CYFRA, ProGRP) ¥6,000
    Colon Cancer : Blood Test (CEA) ¥2,000
    Prostate Screening Blood Test (PSA) ※age of 50 or over ¥2,000
    BMD Examination BMD (Bone Mineral Density) ¥2,000
    Colon Cancer Screening Colonoscopy ¥26,000
    SAS Sleep Apnea Study ¥4,000

    *You are not able to have an optional examination itself.